It's been a busy year for entrepreneurship

It has been a busy year for the entrepreneurial sphere. Despite the complex economic situation, there were many funding opportunities for entrepreneurs.


In 2022 there were a number of opportunities to take advantage of:


Funding opportunities:


- Start Up Nation 2022


- Start Up Nation 2022 Diaspora


- Woman Entrepreneur 2022


- 4.1.1 - Support for micro, small and medium enterprises that have been severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic.


- 4.1.1a - Support for food and construction activities


- Programme to increase the competitiveness of industrial products


- De minimis aid scheme for the transition to the circular economy


- Call for investment in manufacturing


- Support for mountain area farms


- Small grants scheme


- Energy efficiency measures/use of renewable energy resources for large enterprises and SMEs


Start Up Nation 2022 attracted 15 319 applications from start-up entrepreneurs across the country, while Start Up Nation 2022 Diaspora attracted 1648 applications from start-up entrepreneurs.

There will be significant opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2023.

You can still count on the support of the Harghita County Development Agency!

We wish you a happy New Year full of contract signings, as the Start Up Nation 2022 call, 6,517 start-ups will sign national funding contracts in 2023