Investment opportunities in Harghita county

A 278-square-meter concrete building is waiting for investors who would like to engage in small-scale industry or handicraft-type activities.Subcetate Subcetate lies in the valley of river Maros, along the railway track and the 153D county road, near the E578 European road, 15 km from Toplita. The commune’s most important activity is connected to the agricultural sector and stock-farming, but local tourism and especially agri-tourism can be further developed: privately owned lands and a cheap labor force are always available for potential investors.The buildingThe 278-square-meter concrete building used to be a barn where artificial insemination of the animals was carried out. It is in very good condition with new roofing, renovated walls: it only needs internal plastering. It is the property of the local authority, for rent in the long run. Supplied with electricity, the building can be supplied with fresh water from a nearby well, while the sewage drain lies in front of the building. It is suitable for small-scale industry or handicraft-type activities, such as processing and packaging different berries, milk processing and so on.These advantages and the fact that the local council is willing to apply the smallest taxes for investors, justifies the change in the building’s original function and the necessity of such investment.The mayor’s office of Subcetate is ready to help potential investors and the locals to reach this common goal.For more information please contact:Rizea IoanTel.: +40 745-314975       +40 730-002708Cotfas Nicolae VasileTel.: +40

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Investment opportunity in Subcetate
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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