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    Establishing a lodging house in the upper story of the cultural center, with 2 apartments and 8 rooms, could be a profitable project for any investor.Satu MareSatu Mare is now an independent commune. It is situated west from the Eastern Carpathians, where Mountain Harghita and the Transylvanian basin meet, at the edge of the volcanic platform, along the 13A country road between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc.Village of the Szekler gatesSatu Mare is the village of the Szekler gates. The Szekler gates belong to the cultural heritage of Szeklerland, enforcing the arhitectural profile of the locality. Although they are private property, they represent community values. Most of them – just like the majority of the houses and farms – are built along the main road. The village could not expand breadthwise due to the area’s georgraphical characteristics: high hills guard the back of the houses on both sides of the road.The cultural center...The building is located in the central park of the commune, in the proximity of a country house built in the traditional Szekler style, and a Szekler gate built in 1882.The investment would surely be profitable, since there is a 600-700 m long slope in communal ownership, suitable for creating a red-and-black level ski-run, while during the warm season it could serve as a camping area for the tourists who visit the different natural and historical sights. Thus, increasing the number of accomodation possibilities is a very important step for the region.The mayor’s office of Satu Mare is ready to help potential investors and the locals to reach this common goal.For more information please contact:Olasz KárolyTel: +40 732 139259Mihálykó JózsefTel: +40 732

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