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    Beküldés dátuma: 05/03/2017 - 09:04
    Improved building with a 1700-square-meter land is waiting for investorsThe estate which, in the past, functioned as a catering establishment, is situated at a strategically good part of the village, it is improved, together with a 1700-square-meter land. The local authority is willing to sign a long-term rental agreement with serious investors. The building can be used for touristic or other purposes: e.g. running a small-scale business, a craft business, etc.The commune’s leaders think that, beside long-term investments into infrastructure, concentrating on the development of tourism is also very important, as it would provide an alternative income for the locals. Increasing the number of lodgings, mapping the existing touristic, cultural and historical sites in the region, opening an information and program-organization center are all priorities in this respect.SarmasThe commune of Sarmas is located in the Eastern part of the Gheorgheni basin, along River Maros through an 11 km longitude, at a 22 km distance from Gheorgheni, and 15 km from Toplita, along the European road E578.Fast developmentTaking into account the fast and considerable development of the region, investing in the building and thus enabling the growth of foreign tourism or developing small-scale business would have a positive impact on the commune, on its inhabitants, as well as on the investors and SMEs in the region.Establishments created for entertaining visitors are an important key towards economic development, just as food service units (restaurants, coffee shops, fast-foods, etc.) and the organization of local events, competitions, etc.The mayor’s office of Sarmas tries to help the population and the potential investors in reaching this common goal.More information:Măndru

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