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    Praid, the county’s gatePraid constitutes the Western gate of Harghita county and the biggest commune center with villages like Ocna de Jos, Ocna de Sus and Becas belonging to the commune. The total number of inhabitants is 7250, while about 4000 people live in Praid, per se. In the locality’s center there is a junction toward three directions: one of the roads leads northwards, through the Bucin mountain, to Gheorgheni, another goes south-eastwards, through Corund, to Odorheiu Secuiesc, while the third one leads westwards, through Sovata, to Targu Mures. The small basin is enclosed within the Gheorgheni mountains from north, east and south-east. The close valley is a real paradise for those who want to really enjoy the beauty of nature, instead of taking a few qiuck pictures from a car or a bus.Taking into account the commune’s geographical position, the number of its inhabitants, but first and foremost, its touristic network built around the salt mine and the health spa, and the proximity of several ski-runs in the Bucin mountain, building a gas station near the road junction is a reasonable necessity.One of the biggest salt reserves in EuropeThe salt mine in Praid is one of the biggest salt reserves in Europe. There is a quantity of salt enough for hundreds of years; thus it is one of the most important treasure boxes of Transylvania. Praid is the only place from among the Transylvanian salt mines where there is an underground treatment service in one of the abandoned stories of the mine. Approximately 400 000 tourists visit this underground world annualy, with 2500-3000 visitors a day in the summer season.The brine-bath in PraidThe brine-bath in Praid became famous from being able to remediate such diseases like joint gout and rheumatic gout, and the number of visitors is in continuous growth. The benefic effects of the strong saline solution and the rarity of its high concentration of salt results in a ever growing number of tourists visiting the place year after year.Taking into account the fast and considerable development of the region, investing in the gas station is a reasonable decision, since it would have a positive impact on the commune, on its inhabitants, as well as on the investors and SMEs in the region.Establishments created for entertaining visitors are an important key towards economic development, just as food service units (restaurants, coffee shops, fast-foods, etc.) and the organization of local events (e.g. the Stuffed Cabbage Festival, competitions, etc., producing a big tourist and car traffic.The mayor’s office of Praid tries to help the population and the potential investors in reaching this common goal.More information:Bokor Sá

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