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    There is a peaty land of 10 ha along River Mures, in the southeastern part of Suseni which is not suitable for agricultural production, but it can easily be transformed into a lake, a fishpond for cultivating fish on industrial scale, or for fishing. Based on the existing natural resources, investors can create a touristic paradise there. Rural tourism can be an important factor in increasing the market of agri-food products, as well as in drawing attention toward the different cultural and leisure services.SuseniThe commune is situated in the eastern part of Transylvania, where the Harghita and the Gheorgheni Mountains meet. Its geographical position and its climate are optimal for mountain turism. The land in question is a peat bog lying in the crater of the Ostoros Mountain at a 1385 m altitude. The andesite quarry in Suseni is the second largest one in Transilvania.Rural tourismRural tourism is in fact an area-specific touristic product. The economic value of the properties in rural environment is ensured by the geographical position of the localities within a touristically and culturally attractice climate, with natural treasures and specific cultural traditions.Fishpond for cultivating fish on industrial scale vs. fishingOn the one hand, artificially created lakes can be used for touristic purposes, for visitors who want to escape from the noise and rush of cities into the nature, and enjoy the stillness and fresh air during fishing. On the other hand, a fishpond can have a food-producing purpose, cultivating different fish species. The available land’s size (10 ha) makes the execution of both ideas possible, while the proximity of River Mures solves the problem of water supply.These advantages, and the fact that the local council is willing to apply the smallest taxes for investors, justify the idea of such an investment.The mayor’s office of Suseni is ready to help potential investors and the locals to reach this common goal.For more information please contact us:Tel.: 0266 3500077, 0731 031077Fax.: 0266 350004e-mail:

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