Investment opportunities in Harghita county

Investmen oportunities

  • A 278-square-meter concrete building is waiting for investors who would like to engage in small-scale industry or handicraft-type activities.

  • Establishing a lodging house in the upper story of the cultural center, with 2 apartments and 8 rooms, could be a profitable project for any investor.

  • Improved building with a 1700-square-meter land is waiting for investors.

  • Taking into account the commune’s geographical position, the number of its inhabitants, but first and foremost, its touristic network built around the salt mine and the health spa, and the proximity of several ski-runs in the Bucin mountain, building a gas station near the road junction is a reasonable necessity.

  • There is a peaty land of 10 ha along River Mures, in the southeastern part of Suseni which is not suitable for agricultural production, but it can easily be transformed into a lake, a fishpond for cultivating fish on industrial scale, or for fishing.

  • Harghita county has a rich hydrographic network of surface water (lakes and swamps) and important groundwater reserves. Water sources are of very good quality in the county, not affected by industrial pollution.

  • The building had been functioning as a public bath with salt water in the tubs, then it turned into a rehearsal room for the local brass band. The building is connected with the boiler house, it has a larger and several smaller rooms. After a complete exterior and interior renovation, the building could house a health spa or other economic activity which requires more rooms of smaller dimensions.

  • The building had been functioning as a boiler house for the Kossuth Lajos district, but later on district heating became unnecessary, all boilers got moved to a separate room. Thus, a 415 m2 room is now empty and unused, as well as a room in the basement. After a complete renovaton, the empty part of the building could be used for such economic activities which are allowed in a housing environment. The Mayor's Office of Cristuru Secuiesc planned to house family doctor's and specialist's offices in the building, but the plan could not be carried out due to lack of capital.

  • The 4-storey building was built in the 1980's, it has 48 apartments, with 8 bath cabins and a commercial platform on the ground floor. It is situated near salt water springs in a pictoresque setting. The building's exterior and interior needs to be renovated, it can be accessed easily.

  • It is situated near Cristuru Secuiesc away from inhabited land, so it suited for any kind of industrial / agricultural activity.

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