Befektetési lehetőségek Hargita megyében







Member of several organizations that guarantee the security and economic stability of the country.

Adventageous financial and tax environment

Flat-rate tax: 16%

According to the new tax law approved by the Romanian government, the standard rate of VAT will be reduced from 24% to 19% .

The possibility of paying a 3% income tax in the case of micro-enterprises with a turnover under EUR 65 000

Reduced VAT of 9% and 5% for certain products (food, non-alcoholic drinks, medicines, books, etc.)

Financial support for salaries when companies hire the unemployed, young graduates, or physically handicapped persons. The amount of the financial support can reach 150% of the national minimal salary

Possibility of accelerated depreciation in the case of invested basic assets

Possibility of compensation for the actual financial loss out of the profit of the next 5 years

Possibility to access national and EU non-refundable grants in the case of infrastructural investments or innovations


The minimal net (monthly) salary in Romania is 250 EUR

The national average net salary barely exceeds the amount of 400 EUR

75% of the Romanian population speak, by their own admission, at least one foreign language (EUROSTAT)

Internationally acknowledged IT professionals – Romania is the 5th on the world’s top list of fast internet connection, and the 2nd in Europe (Bloomberg)


Advantageous geographical location: Romania is a unique market gateway with access to approximately 500 million consumers. It is situated on a junction of important European transport routes connecting on the one hand East and West Europe, and on the other hand North and South Europe;

There are 15 international airports in the country;

The Danube River constitutes the South border of Romania and is navigable to the Black Sea. Thus, Romania is indirectly connected with the oceans of the world through the largest port of the Black Sea, Constanta (sea-port and river harbour), making transport on water possible from any part of the world;

With a highly developed rail network of 22.298 km, Romania is the 16th on the international top list of the longest rail networks;

Continuously developing road network – one of the most important developmental strategies of the next few years contains the construction of highways in Romania;



Harghita county has the most competitive labour force in Romania which, thanks to the existence of several higher education institutions in the county, is highly educated and internationally recognized as diligent and hard-working.

Hungarian investors can communicate in their mother tongue with most of the economic operators in Harghita county as, according to the last census, 82.9% of the population in the county are Hungarian.


Harghita county is region full of natural resources: wonderful salt-mines and dripstone caves, ski resorts with marvellous sights, abundant wells with mineral water, medicinal and thermal spas, forests, etc., and numerous legends about their origin.


Thanks to the agricultural lands and forests of good quality – 1/3 of the area is pine-forest – the key economic sectors in Harghita county are agriculture and woodworking. The existing forests constitute a continuous resource not only for the timber industry, but also for fruit processors: people do not cultivate most of the fruit but only collect them, as some of the fruit and mushroom, which can be found in abundance in the woods, cannot be artificially grown.


The highly skilled labour force in Harghita county is provided by several universities of fame and other higher education institutions. Furthermore, professional schools are becoming more popular: new courses are launched each year, in order to continuously adapt to the demands of the labour market. Adult education and vocational retraining are ensured by the cooperation of several organizations and agencies. In recent years, the German dual vocational training system has gained more popularity, which has an important role in practical learning as well.


Sapientia University in Miercurea Ciuc

Lucian Blaga University with headquarters in Sibiu, with two branch faculties in Miercurea Ciuc

Babes-Bolyai University with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, with the following branch faculties in the county

College of Modern Business Studies in Odorheiu Secuiesc with several Hungarian higher education institutions as support for professional background


Proffesional schools in harghita county

In recent years, the demand for professional education has increased; thus, several professional schools have launched 2-year-long educational programs with professions like waiter-salesman, hairdresser-manicurist-pedicurist, mason-stonemason-plasterer, carpenter-woodworker-parquet layer, plumber, tinner, baker, etc.


Adult education and training, organized within different organizational frames, have an important role in providing a highly skilled labour force. Some examples:

Louis Pasteur Postgraduate School in Miercurea Ciuc with continuous medical assistant training in Hungarian language;

Eugen Nicoara Postgraduate School in Miercurea Ciuc with general medical assistant and pharmacist assistant training;

FEG EDUCATION Postgraduate School in Odorheiu Secuiesc with general medical assistant training;

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Harghita county organizes the following trainings: stonemason, plasterer, carpenter, woodworker, parquet layer, plumber, tailor, waiter, caterer, retailer;

Language courses at the Soros Educational Center (English, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.);

Trainings and courses organized by the Employment Agency through different projects;

Courses (such as: Writing EU project proposals, Waste registration, Public procurement, Project management, Administration of pensions, etc.) and trainings (Strategic planning, Communication on the phone, Speech techniques, Stress- and conflict management, etc.) continuously organized by EduTech Consulting;

Trainings organized by the Fidelitas Foundation (agro-touristic worker, general informatics, English and German language courses, nurse, retailer, worker in exterior construction, home dispensary, computer operator, data entry clerk, plumber, web-designer).


The Harghita County Council and the Harghita County Development Agency, with a joint effort with local governments, are increasingly focusing on supporting and boosting local economic life, and increasing and supporting entrepreneurship. In the county, there are several local government-owned investment areas and real estate that local governments will be able to rent to potential investors to help them realize economic activity, creating new jobs for the county's population. Starting from the natural features of the county, there are abundant opportunities for touristic activities; and thanks to the skilled local workforce, quality services can be ensured.

Some of the potential investment opportunities that can be realized on government areas and real estate – considering the emerging local needs – are: createing a wellness centre, hotel, spa, an adventure bath, pension (lodging), sports facility, an adventure park, and an aqua park.


Tourists who visit Harghita county may find enchanting sights and ancient cultural and historical monuments here. The breath-taking beauties of nature appear in various forms, such as the slenderest pine trees of the Carpathians, the most beautiful meadows of Europe, daffodil fields, peat-bogs, the biggest brown bear population in Europe, deer, wolves, trout in the mountain streams, etc. There are 35 registered natural reserves and national parks in the county, some of them being unique in Europe.

From an investor’s point of view, the rapid growth of the past few years in this sector is worth to be taken into consideration. Together with the infrastructural development, the number of tourists is in continuous growth, and several centres are being established for their entertainment. However, if we look at the natural resources of the county, there are still numerous possibilities of investment in the area.

Szekler products

Transylvanian cuisine offers an inexhaustible variety of gastronomic experience.

This group of products is prepared on the basis of traditional recipes, like the rarities made of different berries collected in the woods.

The Szekler Product Agricultural Association was founded in 2013 by 16 associations and companies and 5 individual trades.

Harghita County Council organizes fairs in different parts of the country on a regular basis, and the Szekler products proved to be very popular at the Szekler Festival in Budapest as well, where more than 10 000 visitors searched for the brand.

We offer help to those interested in the distribution and resale of the Szekler products to build new business relations.


Transylvania could be the key to saving the planet – said Prince Carl during one of his visits to Transylvania in August 2015.

According to him, society has put nature in the background for centuries, and exploited the environment without giving anything back to nature.

The facilities of the environment, traditional farming, and the relatively extensive wild areas have been able to provide a peaceful habitat for the king of the Carpathians.


This is the reason why this dense population of brown bears could survive.

Hunting tourism here is combined with other programs (rural tourism, ecotourism, etc.). Tourists who come here for hunting usually spend double, compared with the average tourists.


Thanks to the geographic characteristics of the region, fans of different extreme sports also find ample opportunities to spend their time on the ground, on water, in the air, or underground, as they please. The steep chalk cliffs are ideal for climbing, parachuting and paragliding, while caves offer a variety of marvellous worlds to discover.

The climate is optimal for winter sports: Harghita county is the cradle of ice-hockey in Romania; there are several ski resorts as well in the county, the most visited being Harghita Bai, Harghita-Madaras, Izvorul Olt, Baile Homorod, Bucin, Ciumani, Toplita, Borsec, and Tusnad Bai.







Miercirea Ciuc, Piaţa Libertăţii, nr 5

Harghita County

Zip code: 530140

Phone numbers: +40 266 207 700 / 1608





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