A thermal spa in Danesti is looking for investors. The thermal spa, filled with mineral water, is located on the southwestern part of the village, at a 1500 m distance from the European road E578 and a 1200 m distance from the railway, at the bottom of a beautiful hill, from where the range of mountains Hasmasu Mare – Piatra Singuratica – Ciuc can be seen and admired.

There is a mansion on the top of the hill which is able to accommodate 10 persons. At the bottom of the hill, the bath contains a 33x10 m swimming pool and a 4x10 m pool for children, surrounded by enclosed grassland. The bath has a total surface of 22,000 m2. It was about to become a wellness centre but the company holding the concession contract backed out, so the planned investment got canceled and the thermal spa continued to be managed by the local government.

The history started with a natural mineral spring…

The spa was established by the industrial guild of Upper Ciuc in 1929. Its history starts with a natural spring of mineral water (20 °C), recommended for both drinking and bath treatment.

Danesti is located at a 21 km distance from Miercurea Ciuc to north, in the plain of River Olt, along the European road E578, in the middle of the Upper Ciuc basin, at a 704 m altitude.

Its fame is related to the bath itself and also to the black ceramic, both being representative elements of the village. The thermal water of Dugasfurdo is rich in minerals and it attracts many visitors. Being the only bath establishment in the Upper Ciuc region, young and old come here with the same enthusiasm to cool themselves in hot summer days.

Expending tourism would have a positive impact not only on the village and its population, but also on the investors and SMEs. Establishments meant to entertain the visitors could be an important key to economic development in the region, just like the existence of different food services (restaurants, fast/food, cafes) and the organization of local events, contests, etc. Concentrating on the touristic potentials of the region contributes not only to the protection of the existing natural resources and to a development based on them, but also to creating new jobs.

The aim is to economically exploit these potentials as much as possible to the benefit of all the participants, to create new jobs and to prevent the young generation from emigration.

The mayor’s office of Danesti tries to help the potential investors and the residents of the village in the common goal of economic development.

For more information please call the contact person:

Both Norbert

+40 747 224 300


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