…of international fame…

The onetime internationally famous mansions were built after 1852, now they are left and neglected by their owners, waiting for investors who can see a good opportunity in renovating these buildings and thus contributing to the economic development of the region. They are located in Tusnad Bai, a town also known by the honorable name of Little Switzerland or The Pearl of Transylvania.

Tusnad Bai is one of the most beautiful mountain spa towns not only of Harghita County but of the whole country. It is a famous touristic centre thick with pines, reach in curing mineral waters and fresh air, specialized in tourism, waiting its visitors and investors all year.

Spa and recreation centre of international fame…

Tusnad Bai gives home to spas and recreation centers of international fame within the eastern part of Szeklerland. Administratively it became a town in 1968. Lake Ciucas can be found in the center of the town, it was created artificially with touristic purposes.

Tusnad Bai lies in a canyon of River Olt, at a 656 m high altitude, on the western part of Ciomad Mountain, on a steep slope surrounded by dark pine forests. It is the southernmost town of Harghita County and the smallest one in Romania (1641 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census).

A highlighted event of its popularization was the 18th conference of the Hungarian Doctors and Nature Explorers held in 1875, where spa doctor Gyula Lengyel presented the history of Tusnad Bai and its medicinal factors.

Important spas…

The volcanic activities of the mountains surrounding Tusnad Bai had an important role in the establishment of the spa town, and their repercussions can be seen today, as well, in various landforms, young cone-shaped volcanic mountains, the Olt Canyon, Lake St. Ana, the Mohos peat moss giving home to rare species, mineral waters with various mineral components, mofettas, thus making the spa town unique.

International conferences and meetings…

In recent years Tusnad Bai has been housing important conferences and meetings. One of the most well-known events in the area is the Summer Free University and Camp of Balvanyos, also known as Tusvanyos; other, smaller events are also being organized, such as dog-sledge races, Gastronomic Days, paragliding-Tusnad PG, relay race and marathon, X-Terra International Competition, Mountain Bike Marathon MTB-Tusnad, etc. which attract a great number of local and foreign tourists to the region.

The new wellness centre open to visitors…

The town centre has been refurbished, just like the whole water supply and sewage network. The wellness centre is now open to the public, thus being the main touristic attraction of the town, helping it to regain its earlier fame and name: The Pearl of Transylvania and Little Switzerland.

The wellness centre is able to house 200 guests at a time. It has a 2044 m2 indoors space and an additional 200 m2 outdoors space. Tusnad Wellness was opened on the 21st of December 2013, and it has had around 180,000 guests since, which means an average of 300 visitors per day.  The number of busy nights has increased with 30%.

In the three months after its opening, the thermal spa and wellness centre of Tusnad Bai had 21,345 visitors.

The importance of increasing the number of accommodation possibilities…

Statistical data shows that the number of tourists in the region is continuously growing; however, there is a seasonal character to it. 66% of foreign visitors and 46% of Romanian tourists come in the late spring – summer period (May – August). The number of Romanian tourists coming to these regions is in decrease, while the rate of foreign visitors coming to Harghita County gets higher and higher.

Taking into account all the natural and historical advantages of the spa town, and the fact that the wellness centre has already opened its gate to the visitors, the necessity of building a hotel is obvious in order to increase the number of possible accommodations. It is also obvious, that if these natural and historical resources are used in a positive way, the number of visitors will significantly grow.

Growth of tourism shall have a positive effect not only on the town and its inhabitants, but also on the investors and SME’s. The establishments meant to keep the visitors continuously entertained are important factors of economic development in the region, just like the different food services (restaurants, fast-foods, coffee shops) and the organization of local events and competitions.

The mayor’s office of Tusnad Bai tries to help the potential investors in identifying the mansions’ owners and getting into contact with them and, on the other hand, to help the property owners by looking for potential investors.

For more information please call the contact person:

Sipos Gellerd

+40 751 170 122


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