Establishing a retirement/nursing home in Racu, and offering services and professional help to make the inhabitants’ lives more comfortable, could be a good investment opportunity. The building administratively belongs to Racu, but it is located in Garciu, currently giving home to a kindergarten in one part, and a commercial unit in another. It is administered by the local council. The idea of a retirement/nursing home is, of course, just one of the many other possibilities, like establishing a cultural or a touristic center in the building, or whatever idea comes to the investors’ mind.


Racu is situated at a 13 km distance from Miercurea Ciuc, in the heart of the Ciuc Basin. From a touristic point of view, this is a perfect position to rich all the important sights in the area. It has an exit towards Moldova as well, through the county road A124. One of the main economic activities in the village is rural tourism, which is supported by the two existing lodging houses („Cserekert” and „Vándorszékely”) and 10 smaller accommodation units. Further economic activities are: logging and wood working.

The stone building has a 361-square-meter surface, and a 1500-square-meter yard which can be transformed into a park.

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Taking into account the lack of such establishments in the region, and also the clean air and peaceful surroundings which characterize the area, it would be a good investment opportunity to open a retirement/nursing home, with services that would satisfy the needs of elderly people who require continuous care.

The 1500-square-meter courtyard belonging to the building can easily be transformed into a park with benches and walkways, where the inhabitants can take long walks in the open air.

These advantages and the fact that the local council is willing to apply the smallest taxes for investors, justifies the change in the building’s original function and the necessity of such investment.

The mayor’s office of Racu is ready to help potential investors and the locals to reach this common goal.

For more information please contact:

Császár Attila

+40 751-142701

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