A good investment opportunity lies at the edge of two vicinal villages: Ciceu and Siculeni, next to the European road E578, at a 400 m distance from the railway station in Siculeni, in the form of a building of flats in private ownership, unused at the moment, originally built for working-class families. It is made of brick, with two levels (ground floor and one story) and a total number of 20 flats with their own kitchen, bathroom and hall. Dimensions: length 53 m, width 8 m, height 6 m, surface 1057 m2. The ownership is legally sound with cadastral number. It is for sale, but it can also be let.

Going north from Miercurea Ciuc on the European road E578, Ciceu is the first village 6 km away from the municipality, slowly merging with the next village, Siculeni.

For more information please call the contact person:

Csato Miklos

+40 744 131 570


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For sale


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