The unused, improved land administratively belongs to Capalnita, but it is located in Baile Homorod, having a strategically advantageous position. The local authority is willing to sign a long-term rental agreement with potential investors, based on a general assembly decision. However, they approve of investments only with touristic purposes on the land.

There are numerous touristic sights and natural reserves in its vicinity, such as the daffodil field in Vlahita, the Harghita-garden in Baile Chirui with mineral springs and moorland, Cheile Varghisului with several caves, etc.

The local authorities emphasize, beside the importance of long-term investments in infrastructure, the importance of concentrating on tourism which could provide an alternative income for the locals. Within this purpose the main priorities are: creating new possibilities of accommodation, creating an inventory of the nearby touristic, cultural, historic and other sights and establishing a program organizing and information office.

Capalnita commune is situated along the 13A main road, at a 22 km distance from Odorheiu Secuiesc and a 30 km distance from Miercurea Ciuc, on a 875 m altitude.

Baile Homorod, where the unused land in question can be found, is also situated between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc. Its mineral waters had been known even by the Romans, but the locality’s development started as late as the 19th century, when villas, restaurants, alleys and bandstands were built. During the communist political regime, these villas were impropriated by the state, and now they are in a poor condition, unfortunately. The 12 mineral springs in the region have been almost forgetten, only two of them are still known under the names of Lobogo-spring and Maria-spring, with their slightly carbonated, healthy and tasty water.

Considerable development in the commune

Taking into consideration the fast and considerable development of the commune, investing into this land and thus, enabling the growth of foreign tourism could have a positive impact on all concerned parties: the locals, the investors and the SMEs. Establishments created for entertaining visitors are an important key towards economic development, just as food service units and the organization of local events, competitions, etc.

The mayor’s office of Capalnita tries to help the population and the potential investors in reaching this common goal.

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