A three-story-building with a 450 m2 surface on each level

Owned by the local government of Sandominic, it is, in fact, located in Balan. It had been used as an office building of the mining company for years, before its ownership got transferred to the local government of Sandominic.

Buildings owned by the local government of Sandominic and located also in Sandominic: an unused barn next to the animal health centre and the canteen of the old wood processing factory. These buildings can be used both for manufacturing and touristic purposes.

The area has attractive touristic potentials; however, Balan, as well as the exit of Sandominic from Balan, are terminals. They cannot be used as transit locations, for they lack a road infrastructure into other directions. The only possibility to go to and from these locations is the E578 European road, so people come here only with touristic purposes.

Transforming the building into a hotel and/or leisure centre

The area has a huge economic and touristic potential; therefore, turning the building into a hotel and/or leisure centre can be a good opportunity for investors to exploit this potential.


It is the northernmost and largest locality of the Upper Ciuc basin, with a population of approximately 6400 inhabitants. It has been established at the junction of three long valleys. Running from beneath Hasmasu Mare, river Olt meets with two streams coming from the right. There, and at the junction of the highway connecting Ciuc with Gheorgheni and the county road to Balan, lies Sandominic. At the beginning of the century the village got over-populated, and the agricultural land of bad quality was not enough to feed the population.

The main sources of income for families in Sandominic have always been mining and woodwork, besides transportation and lime-burning.

Beside logging and wood-processing, rock mining has been another industrial practice for more than 60 years, as well as mosaic production out of white or slightly yellowish crystalline limestone from Garados-hill near the village. The population’s livelihood is also sustained by the nearby Balan and the municipality of the county (Miercurea Ciuc).

Establishments created for entertaining visitors are an important key towards economic development, just as food service units and the organization of local events, competitions, etc. Expending tourism would have a positive impact not only on the village and its population, but also on the investors and SMEs.

The mayor’s office of Sandominic tries to help the population and the potential investors in reaching this common goal.

For more information please call the contact person:

Karda Robert

+40 721 245 735


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