Reopening the lodging house called Stana Haiducilor (Scamps’ Tavern) and the construction of the planned in-door swimming pool would be an important boost for the region’s tourism in Corbu commune, for its economic development, and it would be an attractive business for any potential investor. A growing tourism would have a positive impact on the commune and the whole region, on the population, on SMEs. The creation of different facilities for the visitors’ entertainment and their proper operation are important contributors to economic development.

Corbu is situated in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges, at a 55 km distance from Gheorgheni.

The lodging house called Stana Haiducilor (Scamps’ Tavern)

The lodging house is built of logs in a specific, rural style which is in perfect harmony with the character of the landscape lying near the stream of Bistricioara. It is a rustic building which offers comfortable accommodation, meals, and an oasis with clean air, peace and quiet for people escaping from the concrete jungles and smog. Visitors can have rooms with a view of the Calimani and Ceahlau mountains. The proximity of famous mineral springs and of the ski resorts of Borsec make the lodging house’s reopening even more reasonable.

With a 1.5 ha land, sports field, parking lot, and another area for the swimming pool, the lodging house is the property of the local council. Finished and opened in 2012, the lodging house needs a new administrator/operator at the moment, and is open to rent or to buy. It contains all the equipment needed in order to be functioning except for the kitchen which yet needs to be equipped according to the actual requirements.

The proximity of Borsec…

Taking into account the advantages resulting from the proximity of Borsec, all the natural and historical resources of the spa town, and the fact that the health center under construction will soon be open for the public, the need for reopening this lodging house is obvious. Increasing the number of lodging possibilities, together with the advantageous and reasonable exploitation of the existing natural and historical resources can undoubtedly revive tourism in the region.

The mayor’s office of Corbu is ready to help potential investors and the inhabitants of the region to reach this common goal.

For more information please contact:

Drugă Nicușor

Tel: +40 733 973563

Țepeluș Gheorghe

Tel: +40 733 973638

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