At least a four-star hotel…

Building an at least four-star hotel and finishing the Multifunctional Wellness Centre could be an important step towards developing tourism in Borsec and it could also be a good opportunity for investors. These projects would result in important economic development in the town. Expending tourism would have a positive impact not only on the village and its inhabitants, but also on the investors and SMEs. Establishments meant to entertain the visitors could be an important key to economic development in the region, just like the existence of different food services (restaurants, fast/food, and cafes) and the organization of local events, contests, etc. could help in reaching this goal.

Borsec is an old spa town: the first written documents to prove its existence are dated back to the 1700s. The region is full of carbonated mineral water springs rich in magnesium and calcium, available to visitors all year. The mineral water’s positive effects on health have been known since the second part of the 16th century. These waters have been winners of several prestigious competitions since 1873 and they have become world-famous due to their medicinal properties.

The Queen of Mineral Waters…

The onetime most famous spa town of Transylvania is located in the eastern part of Harghita County, and it got the administrative status of town in 1953. Nevertheless, visitors have always called it by the respectable name: the Queen of Mineral Waters.

The natural resources of the place, its medicinal properties and the value of its mineral waters make it worth to visit. Due to the developmental processes which took place in the 19th century, the spa town has become very famous. The institutions related to the whole spa culture began to appear in the town, just as in other famous European spa centres.

The natural medicinal factors (such as the microclimate, fresh air, spas, and cures by hiking or drinking mineral water) and the applied physiotherapeutic methods remediate several nutritional and metabolic disorders, circulatory and neurological diseases.

Cure for diseases of the heart and the circulatory system

Borsec is a spa town recommended for curing diseases of the heart and the circulatory system (compensational mitral insufficiency, heart failure, high blood pressure, and varicosity), endocrine diseases (hyperthyroidism, Basedow, teen-agers suffering from obesity), biliary dyskinesia, digestive diseases (chronic gastritis, chronic constipation, chronic non-specific colitis), renal and urinary disorders, neurasthenia, skin diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases.

Concentrating on the touristic potentials of the region contributes not only to the protection of the existing natural resources and to a development based on them, but also to creating new jobs. The aim is to economically exploit these potentials as much as possible to the benefit of all the participants, to create new jobs and to prevent the young generation from emigration.

Multifunctional Wellness Centre…

Exploiting the possibilities of the region left by the past to the next generation is important not only from the tourists’ point of view, but also for the spa town’s inhabitants. Thus, finishing the multifunctional wellness centre and building a four-star hotel must be carried out with respect to the historical past and, at the same time, complying with the needs of the young generations. Under optimal circumstances the planned daily capacity of the Multifunctional Wellness Centre can be 700 people in winter-time and 1000 people in summer-time. With a 12-hour/day program and an average number of 700 visitors/day the wellness centre can have 255 500 visitors per year. According to our assumption, the load factor of the centre would be of 30% in the first three years, it will rise to 50% within five years and reach 70% after 7-8 years of functioning. These data are realistic, because healing in fabulous surroundings is the most attractive way to spend one’s leisure time.

The following data represent an estimate regarding attendance of the Wellness Centre after its opening:


1-3 year

5 years

8-10 years

Number of visitors





Statistical data shows that the number of tourists in the region is continuously growing; however, there is a seasonal character to it. 66% of foreign visitors and 46% of Romanian tourists come in the late spring – summer period (May – August). The number of Romanian tourists coming to these regions is in decrease, while the rate of foreign visitors coming to Harghita County gets higher and higher.

Taking into account all the natural and historical advantages of the spa town, and the fact that the wellness centre under construction will soon open its gate to the visitors, the necessity of building a hotel is obvious in order to increase the number of possible accommodations. It is also obvious, that if these natural and historical resources are used in a positive way, the number of visitors will significantly grow.

The mayor’s office of Borsec tries to help the population and the potential investors in reaching this common goal.

For more information please call the contact person:

Mik Jozsef

+40 723 250 411



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