Cristuru Secuiesc, Kossuth Lajos district

GPS-coordinates: 46° 17’ 20,87” North, 25° 2’ 11,14” East


The building had been functioning as a boiler house for the Kossuth Lajos district, but later on district heating became unnecessary, all boilers got moved to a separate room. Thus, a 415 m2 room is now empty and unused, as well as a room in the basement. After a complete renovaton, the empty part of the building could be used for such economic activities which are allowed in a housing environment. The Mayor's Office of Cristuru Secuiesc planned to house family doctor's and specialist's offices in the building, but the plan could not be carried out due to lack of capital.


a. Building: 415 m2 ground floor + basement with almost the same area.


electricity, gas-, water- and sewage network, internet.

Inventory value:

16 654 Ron

More information:

Mayor's Office of Cristuru Secuiesc, 535400 Cristuru Secuiesc, Harghita county, Tel: 0266-242190 E-mail: office@keresztur.ro .

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